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When will VR finally take off? Not before it becomes way more accessible

This is how easy and fast it was to start a game on N64. Remember?

Not so on the modern Virtual Reality headset "Quest Pro" by Meta that was just introduced.

It seems like customer centricity doesn't really play a role there and that hurts adoption.

Besides the steep price point of around 1.500€,

it's simply no fun to set up the device in the room;

then you still have to get the software side going: install Steam and some other stuff on your computer;

and when you got that over with, you still have to enter a bunch of passwords to finally start playing any game.

My point is: VR will not take off until it becomes significantly cheaper and significantly more accessible to normal people.

But then it will take off big time, because the immersion into a virtual world that VR headset can provide is really simply mindblowing.

My strong opinion: the "Matrix" as we know it from that 2000s movie _will be_ a thing in the future.

Meta could be the company developing it, but instead they waste billions on user-unfriendly and too expensive headsets with crappy virtual worlds.

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