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What gardening taught me about business (hint, it's not the obvious 'you reap what you sow')

⚡ What gardening taught me about business (hint, it's not the obvious 'you reap what you sow')

In 2021 I plowed a small patch of land for my parents using a tractor from my friend.

Very fun and obviously plowing is just something that has to be done when starting a vegetable garden, right? (Nope!)

Then in 2022 I rented 50 sqm of pre-planted field through In that season we made around 500€ worth of vegetables from that field.

And then, towards the end of '22 I got the possibility to rent an 850 sqm garden complete with water and electricity connection.

That's when I got completely caught up in the gardening game. Meanwhile, I have watched every video on YouTube on agroforestry, regenerative agriculture, top soil creation, homesteading and food production and planned everything meticulously using FRYD.

The learning?

F*** conventional wisdom. There is so much stuff that we are supposed to be doing in a specific way just because it has "always" been done like that.

A very simple example from gardening: you have to water every day in summer, otherwise your plants will die. False! Force them to root deeper and you will get away with much less watering by a factor of 5 or 10.

And that's the point: many things that have always been done in a specific way are not necessarily "the best" like that.

It's always worth revising existing knowledge, asking questions, looking for ways to make it better, looking at how nature helps itself and trying to learn from that.

That's the overarching learning: you can always look at how other systems achieve a certain result instead of blindly following the rules in the system you know.

Get creative, get courageous, think outside the box!


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