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The only 3 things to get innovation right?

The only 3 things to get innovation right?

🤼 People

To do something new you need people who are able and willing to think outside the box.

Call them entrepreneurs or innovators or whatever - but they need to have that skill of not letting dogmatic thinking get in their way.

If you're able to hire them you're already one third of the way there. But this is incredibly hard.

🔥 Freedom

Remember, you just hired people who are able and willing to think freely.

Now make sure to give them an environment in which they can start to do their thing. If on the other hand you screw them over and over again with corporate mechanics, they'll be gone or demotivated faster than you can spell out "Design Thinking".

🤌 Culture

And finally, create a corporate culture that allows those innovation people to interface with the rest of the company without getting punched in the face all the time.

I honestly have given up on trying to "change the middle management" and they certainly have their role in an established corporate company by providing long term stability of the organisation.

But doing innovation successfully is finding the balance between stability and progress, and middle managers can't be trusted to be those to find that stability.

If these 3 topics are executed flawlessly - which is super hard - you have a great basis for doing corporate innovation and venture building successfully.

Anything else you would add?

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