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Overwhelmed with a task and don’t know where to start? DDD to the rescue

In our daily practice we're regularly tasked with creating solution in areas that are not familiar to us.

For example, for our client STIHL we had to develop an e-learning solution that addresses firefighters and teaches them tactical skills for challenging deployments.

I had never before anything to do with firefighters.

So how do we approach such a task? Domain Driven Design is one method that can help here if applied correctly:

✅ Domain Driven Design is an approach to developing solutions based on domain expertise of the actual users of the solution. It originates in software development.

✅ Domain Driven Design forces you to focus on the jobs and tasks a person has to do in their job or daily life in order to achieve a certain result.

✅ That makes Domain Driven Design a valuable component of innovation management and helps us develop really customer-centric solutions with our clients.

In that particular project DDD helped us to identify and understand different target groups inside a firefighting organisation.

From there we went into the daily routines that firefighters perform in order to receive training on how to act in challenging scenarios. And after a bit of back and forth, workshops and more customer interviews, that led us to building an e-learning app for firefighters that they really loved.

A few highlights? 10s of thousands of users, high degree of virality inside the target group, super high NPS score. (I can share more highlights and quantitative details in a personal 1:1 - link in the description)

That’s the magic of customer centricity powered by DDD!

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