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It has to get worse before it gets better

Before climate change gets effectively tackled, we need to be way more afraid:

Recently I read „Ministry of the Future“, a book on climate change.

The main take away? Climate change will not be substantially tackled before people are in panic-mode about their own life or immediate surroundings.

To react to abstract dangers is just not how humans are designed by evolution.

We are designed to respond to immediate dangers that we can see, hear, feel and smell, and for maximum effect: all senses need to be triggered at the same time.

It’s unfortunate, but unfortunately the truth.

So looking at our world after having read this book: I’m sure some kids glueing themselves to the streets is only the beginning.

It will get more extreme before it gets better.

With Partners in Clime we’re trying to do our part to reduce the effects of climate change, using our company building knowledge to help build tomorrow’s Green Tech Mittelstand.

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