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In 10 years your job will be done by an AI.

Aktualisiert: 29. Dez. 2023

In 10 years your job will be done by an AI. Plan accordingly.

Moonbeam is an AI product that creates long form texts based only on a headline.

Check out my little demo ;)

1) First you enter a headline and some keywords to work with

2) Then it creates some talking points or "chapters" off of that based on the type of content you have chosen to create, in this case a case study

3) Based on these chapters it creates an outline of the whole text

4) And then let's you choose to either continue from there yourself or let the AI create the whole long form text.

Right now the result is still a bit unnatural, but it actually helps to overcome the "writers block" - I can say that from experience :)

Also it's impressive how the AI puts information into the text, like from the company name "Internetstores" it pulled somehow that it's a leading online retailer in Germany.

Really, really impressive.

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