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Ever wondered which innovation might kill Google?

Ever wondered which innovation might kill Google?

This might:

Let me explain how:

Today, Google goes through the internet and searches for information on web sites.

Then they give the user a list of websites that might potentially contain the information the user is looking for. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't.

In that regard Google is just doing guessing games which website might have the information that the user is looking for.

(It's obviously more elaborated than that, but let's stick with it for now)

The work of aggregating the information is still something the user has to do himself.

Let's say your're looking for the top 5 reasons your car is not driving anymore.

Go to Google, enter a search term, check a bunch of websites, come up with the reasons you have identified as most probable.

Now openAI's chatbot is doing exactly this type of aggregation for you: you just ask it a question, it does the rest.

It's fucking amazing. Try it.

And then you will be convinced that this might kill Google at some point in the future.


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