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$5,56 per hour - is that even ethical?

$5,56 per hour - is that even ethical?

Currently I need someone to help me with a very simple task. So simple that it would be very easy to write a bot to do it, but it's not worth writing the bot because the task will be finished so fast.

As always with these types of tasks I head over to Upwork.

Quickly write the task description, post the job and log off into the weekend.

Monday morning: 85 people have applied for the task!

Hourly pay ranging all the way from $3 to $45. From people all over the world. Who have earned between 10s of thousands to 100s of thousands of dollars on Upwork.

I can't screen 85 applications. Most of them are copy paste anyway and don't specifically go into the details I asked for.

Who would take offense from that? After all those people must be applying to hundreds of jobs before they get one awarded.

I decide to hire someone from the Philippines, because she looks friendly, has a high job success rate and targeted the application individually to me.

Her pay: $5.56 per hour. Is that even ethical to give this task to someone half-way around the world instead of someone locally?

Globalization, even though I have been working with software developers from all over the world since almost 20 years now, continues to boggle my mind.

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